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examples another example 3 years ago
.gitignore saving prebuilt binaries 3 years ago
Makefile doc fiddling 3 years ago
README.adoc edit 3 years ago
compile.asm bug fix ALLOT 3 years ago
control.asm fixed AGAIN (CnP) bug 3 years ago disable all breakpoints initially 2 years ago
fas2txt.lsp renaming 3 years ago improved debug support 3 years ago
logic.asm fixing inveresed logic 3 years ago
machine.asm forced terminating NUL for STRING 3 years ago
math.asm added max and min 2 years ago
memory.asm bug fix !+ 3 years ago
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rrqforth.asm abort loading files on error 3 years ago
separator.adoc doc fiddling 3 years ago
signals.asm installed SEGV capture 3 years ago
stack.asm various improvements 3 years ago
stdio.asm fix READ-STREAM-LINE 3 years ago
syscalls.adoc adding some documentation 3 years ago
syscalls.asm seems waitid takes 4 arguments 3 years ago
temp.asm identify TEMPUSED properly 2 years ago
wordindex.adoc added max and min 2 years ago
wordlists.asm make strncmp direction safe 3 years ago



This is an x86_64 ELF FORTH using fasm.

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