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  2. en:
  3. about_devuan: |
  4. <a href="/os/donate">Devuan</a> is a free software OS for your computer.
  5. about_intro: |
  6. Devuan GNU+Linux is a free software operating system for your
  7. computer. Free software means <em>you are free</em> to use, copy
  8. and distribute, study, change the software, and share your
  9. modifications with the community.
  10. developers: Developers
  11. development_kit: Development Kit
  12. devuan_community: Devuan Community
  13. documentation: Documentation
  14. donate_now: "donate now!"
  15. download: Download
  16. download_more: more download options
  17. essentials: Essentials
  18. featured: Featured
  19. free_software: Free Software
  20. licenses: Software Licenses
  21. netinst_title: Devuan Network Installer for PC and other platforms
  22. operating_system: Operating System
  23. os_community_title: Contribute to Devuan Discourse and meet fellow Devuan supporters
  24. os_donate_title: Please support Devuan development
  25. os_feeds_title: <abbr title="Really Simple Syndication">RSS</abbr> Feeds
  26. os_free_software_title: Devuan and Software Freedom
  27. os_install: Install Devuan
  28. os_install_title: Devuan OS installation options
  29. os_partners_title: Devuan Partners
  30. os_press_title: Press Kit
  31. os_press_news_title: In the News
  32. os_press_releases_title: Press Releases
  33. os_security_title: Security Advisories
  34. os_shopping_title: Shop
  35. os_sources: "Share the source code!"
  36. os_sources_title: "Devuan is free software: download the source code!"
  37. os_support: Meet Devuan supporters
  38. os_support_title: "Peruse Devuan documentation and get help!"
  39. os_title: Discover Devuan GNU+Linux Operating System
  40. release_notes: Release Notes
  41. site_title: "Devuan GNU+Linux Free/Libre Operating System"
  42. skip_to_content: skip to content
  43. source_code: Source Code
  44. supporters: Supporters
  45. tagline: "software freedom, your way"
  46. thank_you_for_supporting_devuan: Thank you for supporting Devuan
  47. toc: Table of Contents
  48. copyright:
  49. fiscal:
  50. title: Learn about our fiscal sponsor
  51. cc_text: |
  52. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons
  53. Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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  55. anchor: site source
  56. title: Source code for this web