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  golinux 177544d61d Reformat of bgstack's gitlab-issues 8 months ago
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  golinux b42c3ba074 filenaming page reinstated 8 months ago
  golinux 289e0e9e01 forgot the .html duh . . . 8 months ago
  golinux caa859695c Reinstated the filenaming page 8 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 9484aacf5b publishing f703d3c5b0 8 months ago
  golinux f703d3c5b0 replaced reference to #debianfork with #devuan-offtopic 8 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 835b807197 publish 28fad9d8 to www at 2020-06-15 8 months ago
  golinux 28fad9d8af correct . to , 8 months ago
  golinux 3101543a6f Added para about using codenames in sources.list 8 months ago
  golinux 6b1aa1a0fe spelling correction 8 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist b2e72912ae updated wrt the .PUBLISH file 8 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 320dba6f60 added control file for www publishing 8 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist e6e9633cc0 snapshot of current setup 8 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 71a9454621 fixes 8 months ago
  golinux 61bff5a130 removed www on donate link again . . . Was sure I did that last night. 8 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 45b1f57fd5 restored www on visible link 8 months ago
  golinux 3117d6ba68 removed www. from visible link 8 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist c5b14a39e6 some more cross links 8 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 7bdc5676dd added cross link for netboot 8 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist aaff64cff7 added a mention of netboot 8 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 6d717b097f markup polishing 8 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 448a031316 revamped 8 months ago
  golinux d9442d79b1 moved location of id anchor 8 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 7301bf52db changed to Beowulf in meta info 8 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 43e2bdbb13 fixed links to be www.devuan.org 8 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 82c650e55e fixed naming 8 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 8b3591f821 fixing links 8 months ago
  golinux 156fde7ac2 Added link to beowulf-stable-announce-060119.html 8 months ago
  golinux 888fc908dd added anchor link to mirror lists 8 months ago
  golinux bb3078311d Created beowulf-stable-announce-060119 8 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist ed41ab524c corrected netinstall size estimate 8 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 5bc28209c1 set beowulf release date 8 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 7c81e716d4 update magnet after iso name changes 8 months ago
  golinux 18261e3e6d Updated magnet link 9 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 6f59d5bf9e update 9 months ago
  golinux b48c6a6ed7 <a href="/os/announce"> corrected to 9 months ago
  golinux 3bc9aeb8e8 <a href="/os/announce"> corrected to 9 months ago
  golinux 058c8ccb6c <a href="/os/announce">Debian Fork</a> corrected to 9 months ago
  golinux 27ea50c8b6 href="/os">Beowulf Overview to 9 months ago
  golinux e36f3c1081 fixed path to /os/documentation/dev1fanboy/ 9 months ago
  golinux 59fb7f0686 Fixed path to documentation/dev1fanboy/ 9 months ago
  golinux 607816e69b corrected path to if.png 9 months ago
  golinux ebf76ca9c5 also removed KatolaZ's dead link 9 months ago
  golinux f90dff4c2c Removed borked link to Linux O'beardly's site 9 months ago
  golinux 1aa301e4fa exegnulinux.net/ is http not https 9 months ago
  golinux 0681cc5ceb removed some misplaced code 9 months ago