Penguin's eggs are generated and new birds are ready to fly...
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Penguin's eggs are generated and new birds are ready to fly...

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Penguin’s eggs Debian package

Usually the last version is the right one. Detailed instrunctions for usage are published on the penguin’s eggs book. You can follow the project also consulting the commit history.


Versions are listed on reverse order, the first is the last one.


  • patch for remove //@ in path btrfs, moved vmlinuz and initrd_img configurations in eggs.yml


  • apt remove and apt purge working, sddb bugfix, calamares show revisited


  • all bugfix sddm desktop manages, npm package bugfixes


  • cleaning and extending pre e post installations, man, npm package, etc


  • add filter for arch in export:iso


  • added siduction to supported distros, aka: seduct from siduction!


  • modified pre e post install scripts and added check presence directory man1 and bash_completion.d.


  • added cli-autologin in naked live versions.


  • removed unused commands: initrd, pve and sanitize. New version eggs.1 man and eggs.1.html

Older [deprecated] versions

Here, You can find older versions.


Don’t esitate to ask me for suggestions and help.

That’s all Folks!

No need other configurations, penguins-eggs are battery included or better, as in the real, live is inside! :-D

More informations

You can find more informations at Penguin’s eggs blog.


Feel free to contact me or open an issue on github.

Copyright (c) 2017, 2020 Piero Proietti, dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses.