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  onefang 99b7949d4a Remove some excess uses of defaultURL from the calls to url.parse(). 1 year ago
  onefang 4f817a6c1f Check redirections on individual files. 1 year ago
  onefang ac5771b0c9 Anotner message line up. 1 year ago
  onefang 3b58f79240 Line up some of the messages better. 1 year ago
  onefang eefb42ec07 Merge checkHost() and forkIP() into checkRedirect() 1 year ago
  onefang 4c102f925e Document the new flock depondency, and sort them alphabetically. 1 year ago
  onefang 3803735fda Changes in how the DNS entries are scanned. 1 year ago
  onefang 6946c7fa2e Log file failure should exit, and another tweak. 1 year ago
  onefang 8c5baf96b0 Change how the / at the end of the path is handled. 1 year ago
  onefang 5e8a68623c Retry some of the HTTTP header downloads on certain errors, and report others. 1 year ago
  onefang 39e2c8fa33 Various changes to the download function. 1 year ago
  onefang a135d7d138 Move the check for a slash at the end of the BaseURL. 1 year ago
  onefang f20051fc1a Slightly more meaningfull output for the commmand checker. 1 year ago
  onefang 17ae2f64bf Sort DNS records in reverse order. 1 year ago
  onefang 84ea0c9d72 Comment tweak. 1 year ago
  onefang 4fede9e011 Add a check for non existing repos. 1 year ago
  onefang c2a115c27c More fixes of the logging. 1 year ago
  onefang 56b51a66cb Modify printTable to look more like an actual table definition. 1 year ago
  onefang f78da3880c Make logging work. 1 year ago
  onefang 19b39d4cc7 More justification. 1 year ago
  onefang cb8ca13615 Downgrade the version number, it's not even alpha yet. 1 year ago
  onefang 841d384963 OK OK, so I'm a perfectionist. lol 1 year ago
  onefang ff0c3fbe1f Hopefully the last of the README tweaks. 1 year ago
  onefang ef430e54ce Some clean ups. 1 year ago
  onefang 43c3775079 The list should be .. a list. B-) 1 year ago
  onefang a0669b30f3 OK, let's try THIS style of markdown. 1 year ago
  onefang 1356a175a7 Add actual markdown. 1 year ago
  onefang 22fc09cfd2 Add the actual source code, and the basic documentation. 1 year ago
  onefang 736d8f8d6b Git ignore the results. 1 year ago
  root 1269c4d078 Init bare repo. 1 year ago