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  onefang 4823616e63 More precision for the weekly stats. 1 year ago
  onefang 1d3c051760 Show question marks for Debian mirror weekly stats. 1 year ago
  onefang ce500339a5 Calculate and display weekly stats. 1 year ago
  onefang 73808f2d16 Add timeouts tracking. 1 year ago
  onefang 471c3a965b Optimise updater a tiny bit. 1 year ago
  onefang 3442d0d038 Add a linky to the graphs for each mirror. 1 year ago
  onefang a8b5b0b918 Make the web page look better, and the tables take up less space. 1 year ago
  onefang 0cd94330d1 Explain the time notation for Updated. 1 year ago
  onefang 359f3d6a81 Tweak how timeouts are reported. 1 year ago
  onefang 91dc5f5bfe Complete the explanations.html text. 1 year ago
  onefang 771e20678e Hopefully properly link out of explanations.html. 1 year ago
  onefang 8f98b0b5ec Tweak timeouts for curl downloads. 1 year ago
  onefang aeb7e638ee Give mirrors some time to actually finish their rsynsc. 1 year ago
  onefang 16cecbbade Make the explanation linky more visible. 1 year ago
  onefang c76194033e New explanations.html page. 1 year ago
  onefang 937299ff51 Protocol change is an ERROR for the round robin, not a WARNING. 1 year ago
  onefang 4227431914 TODO++ 1 year ago
  onefang 6f3ee7eda0 More text about not fully probing Debian mirrors. 1 year ago
  onefang 112a4298a3 Add g.d.o links, coz golinux got grumpy. 1 year ago
  onefang 6f952a1e8d Fix up Updated time checks. 1 year ago
  onefang b81e5c82e5 Add a Icinga/Nagios script. 1 year ago
  onefang dbf65dd0c9 Proper Updated check. 1 year ago
  onefang 1488149339 Don't log some APT.execute() calls. 1 year ago
  onefang 29404bb3af TODO++ 1 year ago
  onefang 18dd54b8f0 Use proper time and date format, and check for the directory before tarballing it up. 1 year ago
  onefang 0f43ca83d6 Track, store, and report info from the hosts that get redirected to. 1 year ago
  onefang 09f41b9003 Missed a return false from logOpen() 1 year ago
  onefang db06e5796f Add a little descritpion to the web page. 1 year ago
  onefang b35794808b Everyone gets a car, er I mean linky! 1 year ago
  onefang 0e034f01c1 Refactor logging. 1 year ago
  onefang 7fba53bf44 Log arguments. 1 year ago
  onefang d7ebcf2ef2 Slightly better forking and testing for redirection. 1 year ago
  onefang a80286020c Rearrange the package selection, Devuan first, security second. 1 year ago
  onefang c32b9afb51 Make URL sanity test more generic. 1 year ago
  onefang 112be7145d Oops, fix different host redirection. 1 year ago
  onefang f0a96bb9cd Log both origin and destination in a redirect loop. 1 year ago
  onefang fed579ce40 Whitespace clean up. 1 year ago
  onefang 83c6327d60 Actually test DEBIAN packages. 1 year ago
  onefang 10f9b765ab Clean out left over test. 1 year ago
  onefang 7f6da17255 Better log file names for IPs and files. 1 year ago
  onefang c742660a5d Better handling of redirects to different hosts. 1 year ago
  onefang 0743960d10 Minor tweaks to the redirection log messages. 1 year ago
  onefang a9cbfdabab Better handling of STATUS files. 1 year ago
  onefang f90cd479ca Pass -k through to forked stuff. 1 year ago
  onefang e9e68ff833 0 speed is 0 speed. 1 year ago
  onefang 8893e0cf5b Nice the tar. 1 year ago
  onefang 2340809bcd Wait for things to start up before checking for them. 1 year ago
  onefang 8ca7361dd3 TODO++ 1 year ago
  onefang 6a1d554f8d Send any arguments to reports. 1 year ago
  onefang 630c7d0332 Fix up web page refresh. 1 year ago