380 Commits (master)

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  onefang 8cc61ae50d Forgot a couple things in the last commit. 1 year ago
  onefang efd9a4be2a Maybe fix the missing speeds. 1 year ago
  onefang 3eeae61837 Fix missing speeds, this time for sure. 1 year ago
  onefang c86b515189 Maybe now the missing speeds will show? 1 year ago
  onefang d53d29a556 Actually wait for the curl file before trying to process it. 1 year ago
  onefang 9c9226dced Curl will try IPv4 as a backup if IPv6 fails, and we don't want that. 1 year ago
  onefang 382786ddef Cut down on lower bandwidth files to HEAD check. 1 year ago
  onefang 8b2e1dc670 Tweak the bandwidth limits, by not probing so many Release files. 1 year ago
  onefang a3ceb11cbc Leave a log of the HEAD probe details. 1 year ago
  onefang 28203cba8e Fix the out of date reference package detection. 1 year ago
  onefang 9733a3b8cf Silly typo be gone. 1 year ago
  onefang 227f20f5ca Move the graphs to the DNS and logs area, coz the graphs are per IP. 1 year ago
  onefang 91b6eba0f7 Add Redirects tests fully. 1 year ago
  onefang b0f2e44c1d Check if reference packages are still current. 1 year ago
  onefang 88c8026a31 Debian changed their keyring. 1 year ago
  onefang 5b714bfca2 "Not supported, but works" should not be a warning, coz it works. B-) 1 year ago
  onefang f825cb73bc TODO-- 1 year ago
  onefang c0551dd8cf Check redirects we must do, and ones we must not, and more avoiding the rabbit hole. 1 year ago
  onefang cd9157a9a9 Don't follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole if we are just doing low bandwidth tests. 1 year ago
  onefang abad73ffc6 Complain about not finding a status code. 1 year ago
  onefang f1b487e17e Rearrange the status and STATUS checks in HEAD tests. 1 year ago
  onefang 238e8593a1 Clean up if we are retrying a HEAD check. 1 year ago
  onefang f02b222005 A lot of tweaking of the logging and reporting, making it easier to read. 1 year ago
  onefang 978707fc3b TODO++ 1 year ago
  onefang a7491d3c0f Log the sha256 check call. 1 year ago
  onefang 78b23e1b34 Fix Updated, this time for sure, until next time. 1 year ago
  onefang 4e4180fb5c Re archive the rest as well. 1 year ago
  onefang 12f7868ef4 Big refactor of the email / web report. 1 year ago
  onefang 789de52194 Whitespace. 1 year ago
  onefang f34c9259c1 Write some options help. 1 year ago
  onefang 1b84d62e2b Unrefactor, only a single user. 1 year ago
  onefang 78374d457c Oops, forgot to actually Do() these time calcs. 1 year ago
  onefang 8e5ac03370 Fix up some time stuff. 1 year ago
  onefang 393eb13e81 Refactor nested pairs() calls. 1 year ago
  onefang f3bde4c729 Minor cleanups, no logic changes. 1 year ago
  onefang 2f1563ffbf Whitespace++ 1 year ago
  onefang 98dcc0be5f Add bandwidth argument and it's aliases, to choose how hard to hit the 'net. 1 year ago
  onefang d05cb510a8 Less time between wait checks. 1 year ago
  onefang 3468d711b6 Better first time calculation in the update script. 1 year ago
  onefang b7251263cd The answer to life, the universe, and input validation. 1 year ago
  onefang cafd4c5d4a Finish the executable refactor, by using it and removing the original. 1 year ago
  onefang 6e868b6382 Tweak the dumpTable() arguments a little. 1 year ago
  onefang 5f3364e499 Nagios is no longer a report type. 1 year ago
  onefang 74451f4977 Refactor the executers into an actual class type thingy. 1 year ago
  onefang a30e28e487 Oops, forgot to uncomment code after testing. 1 year ago
  onefang e0e811c83b A better way to clean up after the archiving, no need to wait for it. 1 year ago
  onefang 1081327e51 Archive results to a daily folder. 1 year ago
  onefang 8b9fa68931 Update script now tucks the archives into daily folders. 1 year ago
  onefang c0b3e3ca97 Update the TIMEOUT hack for updated percentage to match the new precision. 1 year ago
  onefang e45f46ec96 Re-enable Integrity tests. 1 year ago