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  onefang 23b45eaa9e Increase number of mirrors allowed in the graph. 4 months ago
  onefang 792b7ed38e Update the DEBIAN-SECURITY package. 9 months ago
  onefang 670f5031e9 TODO++ 9 months ago
  onefang c05d4ff4d1 If a thing is untested, mark it as so. 9 months ago
  onefang 40143650d2 Work around a problem with the STATUS files. 9 months ago
  onefang 4f5e609b3c Quick hack to prevent RRD bitching, fix it later, meeting coming up. 10 months ago
  onefang bf5ee4b513 Use the new DNSRR field from mirror_list.txt to do the correct thing. 10 months ago
  onefang 5d82da2375 Typo-- 10 months ago
  onefang 3b2fc3f954 Only print DNS-RR tick or cross if it's a DNS-RR candidate according to mirror_list.txt. 10 months ago
  onefang 94472fd38e Check for nil FDQN and BaseURL. 10 months ago
  onefang 83141c0aee No DNS-RR reports for IPv6 addreses if IPv6 is disabled. 10 months ago
  onefang 1975069c97 gitea -> git. 10 months ago
  onefang 09fb177855 Remove jessie (it's been archived), promote beowulf (new stable), add chimaera (new testing). 10 months ago
  onefang bd43a33187 Migrate to gitea.devuan.dev for the Devuan repo. 11 months ago
  onefang 7fb4a6a850 Create the DNS-RR good and bad files. 11 months ago
  onefang 03b9b8ae2a Try to figure outn what IPs should and should not be in the DNS-RR. 11 months ago
  onefang b1b16d264a Don't try to write to a log file we couldn't open. 11 months ago
  onefang b396f0a3e2 Some more nil checks. 1 year ago
  onefang 8d97dee90f Let's try a slightly older keyring that might stick around for more than a couple of months. 1 year ago
  onefang 5130c399b3 Fix a crash. 1 year ago
  onefang 6888175dbe warning -> WARNING 1 year ago
  onefang 4f2ef40a55 Alpha release, dammit. lol 1 year ago
  onefang f1dd7fbd54 Print the help texts, and exit from the help and version command line options. 1 year ago
  onefang 01972d26c1 Bump the version number to 0.2. 1 year ago
  onefang bf4e948002 Explain why URL sanity. 1 year ago
  onefang 8d6b01f086 Clean up the README, add some more text, remove the theory part. 1 year ago
  onefang c3b5b574bf Rewrite some of the output. 1 year ago
  onefang cdbbb95cfc Better wait for command startup. 1 year ago
  onefang 77f7f216ed ERROR if we can't find IPs for a mirror. 1 year ago
  onefang bdfcece5c3 Downgrade inability to find Packages_parsed-sorted to a WARNING. 1 year ago
  onefang 648b648a43 New Debian key ring. 1 year ago
  onefang 2d03d69251 Lighten the log file colours to. 1 year ago
  onefang f27d5c2c8d Lighten up the colours. 1 year ago
  onefang 726e74a828 More documentation, and clean up the existing stuff. 1 year ago
  onefang 98fc3b797c Add support for using CGI for the PHP graphs. 1 year ago
  onefang 5d1ae20d2c A bit more info in the "not updated yet" WARNING. 1 year ago
  onefang 8f09a59744 Update the other use of !%s to match the last commit. 1 year ago
  onefang 7166e4f225 This might finally fix the Updated test, but include some more debugging output, just in case. 1 year ago
  onefang 7c60fa0c98 A few less steps in some of the time calcs. 1 year ago
  onefang a223e29a13 Not being able to download an updated file while the mirror is still updating is only a warning. 1 year ago
  onefang 9bcdeb5ce3 May need to wait on the file to avoid missing speeds after all. 1 year ago
  onefang 923a29b572 Fix another race condition. 1 year ago
  onefang be99b28da3 Make a couple of convenience strings. 1 year ago
  onefang cc182c9f8a Collate more data from the redirect results. 1 year ago
  onefang a465bc4709 TODO++ 1 year ago
  onefang 0491ba3d56 Clean out commented stuff that is no longer needed. 1 year ago
  onefang b75d685bdd Oopsie. 1 year ago
  onefang 41e89228c2 Note about the server that's running the tests being extra speedy. 1 year ago
  onefang 99cb8927fe Comment out previous attempts to fix the missing speed issue. 1 year ago
  onefang cec48533af Curl uses k and M to mean 1024, not 1000. 1 year ago