Software for the Imlac computer
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Software for the Imlac computers


The Imlac computers were a family of 16-bit minicomputers.

Brown University

The early hypertext system FRESS (File Retrieval and Editing System) nas been preserved, but it's unclear whether the Imlac client has.


Sadly, no CERN software has been preserved. Included are two photos from Brian E. Carpenter. One is of Jean-Pierre Potier, and the other is Brian E. Carpenter. Photo credits to CERN.

University of Illinois

Steve Bunch may have a printout of an NGP-0 graphics and terminal emulator. This program is mentioned in RFC 472 and RFC 549.


Files from MIT's Tapes of Tech Square collection. They are mostly from the ML and MC PDP-10 computers.

Purdue University

Files from Tom Uban. It's highly likely some of them are originally from MIT; for example "ssv", "crashmit", etc.


Files from Saildart.

Investigate whether Display NLS code has been preserved.

University of Washington


Filenames: washington/freeway.pdf, washington/freeway.lst
A game from the department of Psychology at University of Washington.


Josh Dersch's sImlac emulator has support for the PDS-1D and PDS4, as well as most hardware options. It will run most software in this collection.

The emulator directory has configuration files for running some of the programs.