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  gryrmln 3013804561
Quieten some side-effect console output (zlibs/{bootstrap,imaging}) 3 weeks ago
  gryrmln 560371647a
Mount the host sys,dev,dev/pts as read-only for bootstrap (zlibs/helpers) 3 weeks ago
  gryrmln e3bf866693
build_image_dist -> build_arm_dist (docs/helper_functions.7.md) 1 month ago
  gryrmln 833fb2b749
Remove unavoidable dbus package from purge list (config) 1 month ago
  gryrmln 3e8d9f6f73
Version bump to 3.1.0 (config) 1 month ago
  gryrmln 3e687958ac
NOTE: potential for recursive calling (zlibs/helpers) 1 month ago
  gryrmln 27175c1556
GNU Terry Pratchett (zlibs/helpers) 1 month ago
  gryrmln 1952888e18
Add F2FS support for bootfs and rootfs (zlibs/imaging) 1 month ago
  gryrmln 424a3966d2
Quieten some side-effect console output (zlibs/imaging) 1 month ago
  gryrmln 25a86b7428
Check no mounts prior to 'sudo rm -rf' (zlibs/{helpers,bootstrap}) 1 month ago
  gryrmln 3cffb94e5c
Handle /tmp/user/0 encroachment into dpkg scripts (zlibs/helpers) 1 month ago
  gryrmln 7b9e09795f
Fix ckreq variables (zlibs/imaging) 1 month ago
  gryrmln 647e0f65c6
Suppress 'chattr' errors occurring non-copy_on_write fs (zlibs/imaging) 1 month ago
  parazyd 0804679ca0
Fix cgpt calls. 1 month ago
  parazyd 5ee872a2ab
Fix cgpt typo. 1 month ago
  parazyd 4d0a0374df
imaging: Add gpt partitioning. 1 month ago
  parazyd b7b635558d
Compile qemu-wrapper if running on Gentoo. 3 months ago
  parazyd e2876ea69f
Use UUID for fstab in virtual machine builds. 3 months ago
  parazyd 580fecb67c
Set SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH to 1610550434. 3 months ago
  parazyd 7eb4f57883
Update license headers. 4 months ago
  parazyd 643deaf91a
Rerun bootstrap_stage4 after extracting the stage4 archive. 5 months ago
  parazyd 05d82e0d05
Append some extra flags to cpio calls. 5 months ago
  parazyd 8e7a779237
Add fstab override for VM to mount /boot. 5 months ago
  parazyd 9a1874d072
Remove the raw VM image if not requested at build time. 5 months ago
  parazyd aedf124832
Overhaul the entire library. 5 months ago
  parazyd 881efdf1ba
Add note for obsolete docs. 5 months ago
  parazyd 0e0e1d4015
Remove apt-cache directory. 5 months ago
  parazyd 4e6e48802e
Remove debootstrap submodule, and use salsa git for devuan-keyring. 5 months ago
  parazyd 0611dccb17
Fix tar typo. 10 months ago
  parazyd b6f57c3894
Fix tar call. 10 months ago
  parazyd 9afec40475
Update debootstrap revision and git submodules urls. 10 months ago
  parazyd 58862d1ced
Try to preserve acls and xattrs when tarring. 10 months ago
  parazyd 7108866f0d
Try to get tarballs to actually work when booted. 10 months ago
  parazyd 353f4daea8
Add htop to base_packages. 1 year ago
  parazyd 2df95e5bd4
Include wget and ca-certificates packages by default in debootstrap. 1 year ago
  parazyd d688e1acb2
Switch default mirror to https. 1 year ago
  parazyd 34d263c807
Simplify conf_print_hosts(). 1 year ago
  parazyd 93d89b5f7e
Switch default release to beowulf. 1 year ago
  parazyd a3b1efff8c
allow-hotplug eth0 in zlibs/sysconf. 1 year ago
  parazyd 56a3d4288d
Flash u-boot in image_pack_dist where applicable. 1 year ago
  parazyd 63163a0772
Use a random number when naming the prevagrant image. 2 years ago
  parazyd 3eee81ee50
Add support for pixz in zlibs/imaging. 2 years ago
  parazyd c1c6fc8c06
Fix path to base-cloud.qcow2 and use [[ instead of [ for test. 2 years ago
  parazyd 589d62ca0e
Add support for cloud-based VM images. 2 years ago
  parazyd c922031a0c
Implement a python Dockerfile parser. 2 years ago
  parazyd 2cf0d648ba
Remove 'quiet' from GRUB kernel cmdline params in VM. 2 years ago
  parazyd 458be78366
Add a configuration option to toggle compressing the final image. 2 years ago
  Merlijn Wajer c2b76f4f0a
Preserve xattrs when copying static qemu binaries. 2 years ago
  parazyd b2d36cd499
Fix a typo made in the previous commit 3 years ago
  parazyd a6a8838d20
Implement variable rootfs types as well. 3 years ago