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Mark Hindley e759c62870 Version 2:21.1.7-3devuan2~exp1 (experimental). 3 weeks ago
.gitlab-ci ci: Install libxcvt from git 2 years ago
Xext Xext: fix invalid event type mask in XTestSwapFakeInput 9 months ago
Xi Xi: fix potential use-after-free in DeepCopyPointerClasses 8 months ago
composite Convert "composite: Fix use-after-free of the COW" to quilt patch. 6 months ago
config config: Fix platform busid parsing when there is no ID_PATH prop 2 years ago
damageext More missing version checks in SProcs 2 years ago
dbe meson: hide C API if Xorg is disabled (like autotools) 3 years ago
debian Version 2:21.1.7-3devuan2~exp1 (experimental). 3 weeks ago
dix dix: Use CopyPartialInternalEvent in EnqueueEvent 8 months ago
doc meson: Implement developer documentation build 2 years ago
dri3 meson: hide C API if Xorg is disabled (like autotools) 3 years ago
exa exa: rename some badly named variables 3 years ago
fb meson: hide C API if Xorg is disabled (like autotools) 3 years ago
glamor glamor: fix free of uninitialised pointers 2 years ago
glx glx/dri: Filter out fbconfigs that don't have a supported pixmap format 2 years ago
hw XOrg Server Version 21.1.7 8 months ago
include os: Use LOCAL_PEERPID from sys/un.h if it is available to detemine the pid when falling back on getpeereids() 8 months ago
m4 Add ax_pthread.m4 to m4/ 7 years ago
man Drop DMX DDX 2 years ago
mi Implement gesture processing logic 2 years ago
miext rootless: Add additional debug logging to help triage XQuartz fb/rootless/damage crashes 9 months ago
os darwin: Implement DetermineClientCmd for macOS 8 months ago
present present: Check for NULL to prevent crash 2 years ago
pseudoramiX Unvalidated lengths 6 years ago
randr Fix RandR leasing for more than 1 simultaneously active lease. 2 years ago
record record: Fix out of bounds access in SwapCreateRegister() 2 years ago
render render: Fix build with gcc 12 2 years ago
test tests: Fix build failure from missing micmap.c 1 year ago
xfixes xfixes: Fix out of bounds access in *ProcXFixesCreatePointerBarrier() 2 years ago
xkb xkb: fix some possible memleaks in XkbGetKbdByName 10 months ago
.appveyor.yml Drop DMX DDX 2 years ago
.dir-locals.el .dir-locals.el: Add missing final newline 4 years ago
.gitignore .gitignore: Add new autotools file 'test-driver' 10 years ago
.gitlab-ci.yml ci: Install libxcvt from git 2 years ago
.travis.yml travis: Add OSX meson build to matrix 4 years ago
COPYING modesetting: Merge modesetting's COPYING into the xserver's. 9 years ago Add missing meson build files to release tarball 2 years ago Fix spelling/wording issues 3 years ago autogen: Set a default subject prefix for patches 8 years ago xserver 21.1.7 8 months ago doc: Create a script to filter xmlto output 9 years ago embed css styles inside the HTML HEAD element 12 years ago man: Fix automake seddery 5 years ago xserver 21.1.7 8 months ago
meson_options.txt meson: Provide options to set CFBundleVersion and CFBundleVersionString in XQuartz 1 year ago
xorg-server.m4 xorg-server.m4: just all cflags instead of just sdkdir 5 years ago xfree86: link modules against Xorg symbols on Cygwin 12 years ago doc: relocate xserver.ent in the package root directory 13 years ago

X Server

The X server accepts requests from client applications to create windows, which are (normally rectangular) "virtual screens" that the client program can draw into.

Windows are then composed on the actual screen by the X server (or by a separate composite manager) as directed by the window manager, which usually communicates with the user via graphical controls such as buttons and draggable titlebars and borders.

For a comprehensive overview of X Server and X Window System, consult the following article:

All questions regarding this software should be directed at the Xorg mailing list:

The primary development code repository can be found at:

For patch submission instructions, see:

As with other projects hosted on, X.Org follows its Code of Conduct, based on the Contributor Covenant. Please conduct yourself in a respectful and civilized manner when using the above mailing lists, bug trackers, etc: