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  fsmithred 84dfd06bf2 fix typo 4 months ago
  fsmithred 4255eb9136 fix typo in changelog 4 months ago
  fsmithred 51baff3c4a Move live-config-<init-system> to Recommends. 4 months ago
  fsmithred 47d05c6962 Fix date of last edit. 1 year ago
  fsmithred d2c3e86395 Fix test for crypttab in initrd. 1 year ago
  fsmithred 38336b11c1 Update isolinux files 1 year ago
  fsmithred cd5bc91a8d remove crypttab from initrd 1 year ago
  fsmithred 5d793a9522 more specific rm 1 year ago
  fsmithred 715047173d fix typos in extract_initrd 1 year ago
  fsmithred 7d4079d50f one more time 1 year ago
  fsmithred 4fdb2e8cef trying again 1 year ago
  fsmithred 284676d9ee Build for all arches. 1 year ago
  fsmithred 06f7aeae97 fix the build? 1 year ago
  fsmithred 6111406eb6 bump and pray 1 year ago
  fsmithred ea6cd94119 revert 1 year ago
  fsmithred 3a1f2c5cf1 build, maybe? 1 year ago
  fsmithred 54ea08f8cd bump version 1 year ago
  fsmithred 661885c03b any not all 1 year ago
  fsmithred 76ec5adecf really remove nocrypt.sh 1 year ago
  fsmithred 73176f5808 Merge branch 'master' into suites/unstable 1 year ago
  fsmithred c913b91fc7 removed old nocrypt.sh 1 year ago
  fsmithred f16a02cfa3 extract_initrd handles microcode 1 year ago
  fsmithred 5d5d0d8625 /dev/shm not a symlink 1 year ago
  fsmithred e1f7c87953 Merge branch 'master' into suites/unstable 1 year ago
  fsmithred 63b69025b7 changes for beowulf/ceres 1 year ago
  fsmithred 032633eced no nox 2 years ago
  fsmithred c00d652de1 no nox 2 years ago
  fsmithred 54ea8d816c no nox, no leafy 2 years ago
  fsmithred c405969742 no nox, no leafy 2 years ago
  fsmithred 23d16ce9a0 minor edits 2 years ago
  fsmithred a825339011 fix type in crypt_message 2 years ago
  fsmithred 6da5097e2c Fix menus, colors, typos. 2 years ago
  fsmithred 14210c0aad 10.2.0 for beowulf 2 years ago
  fsmithred 42ccce5473 update changelog and control for 10.2.0 2 years ago
  fsmithred 57eb911a3e merge suites/ascii 2 years ago
  fsmithred faaaaf3e6b staging version 10.1.1 3 years ago
  fsmithred 728977a573 fixed changelog 3 years ago
  fsmithred ece111e27a creating suite suites/ascii 3 years ago
  fsmithred 19c6cddbf4 ready for ascii 3 years ago
  fsmithred aa9cffb1dd fixed typo 3 years ago
  fsmithred c6a35a9a16 almost ready 3 years ago
  fsmithred 10f9963659 date 3 years ago
  fsmithred 9dddd46b75 NetworkManager/system-connections is a directory 3 years ago
  fsmithred 6f59b4a468 exclude popcon, enable cleanup 3 years ago
  fsmithred 1da02b287d initial commit 3 years ago
  fsmithred 27e0b0cfeb initial commit 3 years ago
  fsmithred 51e42638d7 initial commit 3 years ago
  fsmithred 94184d6330 ... 3 years ago
  fsmithred 31a8caaf9b ... 3 years ago
  fsmithred f484b1d1fb initial commit 3 years ago