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  1. /*
  2. * This file is part of PowerDNS or dnsdist.
  3. * Copyright -- PowerDNS.COM B.V. and its contributors
  4. *
  5. * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
  6. * it under the terms of version 2 of the GNU General Public License as
  7. * published by the Free Software Foundation.
  8. *
  9. * In addition, for the avoidance of any doubt, permission is granted to
  10. * link this program with OpenSSL and to (re)distribute the binaries
  11. * produced as the result of such linking.
  12. *
  13. * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
  14. * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
  16. * GNU General Public License for more details.
  17. *
  18. * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
  19. * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
  20. * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.
  21. */
  22. extern "C" {
  23. typedef struct pdns_ffi_param pdns_ffi_param_t;
  24. typedef struct pdns_ednsoption {
  25. uint16_t optionCode;
  26. uint16_t len;
  27. const void* data;
  28. } pdns_ednsoption_t;
  29. typedef struct pdns_proxyprotocol_value {
  30. uint8_t type;
  31. uint16_t len;
  32. const void* data;
  33. } pdns_proxyprotocol_value_t;
  34. typedef enum
  35. {
  36. answer = 1,
  37. authority = 2,
  38. additional = 3
  39. } pdns_record_place_t;
  40. const char* pdns_ffi_param_get_qname(pdns_ffi_param_t* ref) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  41. void pdns_ffi_param_get_qname_raw(pdns_ffi_param_t* ref, const char** qname, size_t* qnameSize) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  42. uint16_t pdns_ffi_param_get_qtype(const pdns_ffi_param_t* ref) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  43. const char* pdns_ffi_param_get_remote(pdns_ffi_param_t* ref) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  44. void pdns_ffi_param_get_remote_raw(pdns_ffi_param_t* ref, const void** addr, size_t* addrSize) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  45. uint16_t pdns_ffi_param_get_remote_port(const pdns_ffi_param_t* ref) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  46. const char* pdns_ffi_param_get_local(pdns_ffi_param_t* ref) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  47. void pdns_ffi_param_get_local_raw(pdns_ffi_param_t* ref, const void** addr, size_t* addrSize) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  48. uint16_t pdns_ffi_param_get_local_port(const pdns_ffi_param_t* ref) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  49. const char* pdns_ffi_param_get_edns_cs(pdns_ffi_param_t* ref) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  50. void pdns_ffi_param_get_edns_cs_raw(pdns_ffi_param_t* ref, const void** net, size_t* netSize) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  51. uint8_t pdns_ffi_param_get_edns_cs_source_mask(const pdns_ffi_param_t* ref) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  52. // returns the length of the resulting 'out' array. 'out' is not set if the length is 0
  53. size_t pdns_ffi_param_get_edns_options(pdns_ffi_param_t* ref, const pdns_ednsoption_t** out) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  54. size_t pdns_ffi_param_get_edns_options_by_code(pdns_ffi_param_t* ref, uint16_t optionCode, const pdns_ednsoption_t** out) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  55. // returns the length of the resulting 'out' array. 'out' is not set if the length is 0
  56. size_t pdns_ffi_param_get_proxy_protocol_values(pdns_ffi_param_t* ref, const pdns_proxyprotocol_value_t** out) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  57. void pdns_ffi_param_set_tag(pdns_ffi_param_t* ref, unsigned int tag) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  58. void pdns_ffi_param_add_policytag(pdns_ffi_param_t *ref, const char* name) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  59. void pdns_ffi_param_set_requestorid(pdns_ffi_param_t* ref, const char* name) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  60. void pdns_ffi_param_set_devicename(pdns_ffi_param_t* ref, const char* name) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  61. void pdns_ffi_param_set_deviceid(pdns_ffi_param_t* ref, size_t len, const void* name) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  62. void pdns_ffi_param_set_routingtag(pdns_ffi_param_t* ref, const char* name) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  63. void pdns_ffi_param_set_variable(pdns_ffi_param_t* ref, bool variable) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  64. void pdns_ffi_param_set_ttl_cap(pdns_ffi_param_t* ref, uint32_t ttl) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  65. void pdns_ffi_param_set_log_query(pdns_ffi_param_t* ref, bool logQuery) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  66. void pdns_ffi_param_set_log_response(pdns_ffi_param_t* ref, bool logResponse) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  67. void pdns_ffi_param_set_rcode(pdns_ffi_param_t* ref, int rcode) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  68. void pdns_ffi_param_set_follow_cname_records(pdns_ffi_param_t* ref, bool follow) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  69. /* returns true if the record was correctly added, false if something went wrong.
  70. Passing a NULL pointer to 'name' will result in the qname being used for the record owner name. */
  71. bool pdns_ffi_param_add_record(pdns_ffi_param_t *ref, const char* name, uint16_t type, uint32_t ttl, const char* content, size_t contentSize, pdns_record_place_t place) __attribute__ ((visibility ("default")));
  72. }