Setup of Devuan name server sub system.
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Nameservice Configurations
4 years ago
This directory contains configurations for the Devuan nameserver sub system.
See also[name service documentation].
Deployment of Configuration Changes
Changes to nameserver configurations should be done to this
repository. *Don't forget to update the serial*. Then: go to
`ns1:/etc/nsd/GIT`, check out, run `./` from `/etc/nsd/GIT`
to verify that no changes in the runtime configuration will be
overwritten and after merging the changes and commiting them back in
git, copy up `*.conf` to `..`, and restart `nsd`.
This process is not automated yet, since configuration changes involve
at least two levels of validation:
. it needs to be syntactically correct for the program(s) (`nsd`), and
. it needs to reflect the agreed upon intentions of "Devuan" as
The syntax checking can be done on the zone file(s), as it's ordinary
`bind9` syntax. E.g. `nsd-checkzone` (of the `nsd` package) or
4 years ago
`named-checkzone` (of the `bind9utils` package) may be used to confirm
syntactic correctness.
The intentional correctness is of course rather a matter of the
"sign-off" procedure is in use. Presently Devuan Caretakers have
access to `root@ns1` and can exercise the hands-on.