Setup of Devuan name server sub system.
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Nameservice Configurations

This directory contains configurations for the Devuan nameserver sub system. See also name service documentation.

Deployment of Configuration Changes

Changes to nameserver configurations should be done to this repository. Don’t forget to update the serial. Then: go to ns1:/etc/nsd/GIT, check out, run ./ from /etc/nsd/GIT to verify that no changes in the runtime configuration will be overwritten and after merging the changes and commiting them back in git, copy up *.conf to .., and restart nsd.

This process is not automated yet, since configuration changes involve at least two levels of validation:

  1. it needs to be syntactically correct for the program(s) (nsd), and

  2. it needs to reflect the agreed upon intentions of "Devuan" as organisation.

The syntax checking can be done on the zone file(s), as it’s ordinary bind9 syntax. E.g. nsd-checkzone (of the nsd package) or named-checkzone (of the bind9utils package) may be used to confirm syntactic correctness.

The intentional correctness is of course rather a matter of the "sign-off" procedure is in use. Presently Devuan Caretakers have access to root@ns1 and can exercise the hands-on.