Devuan setup and customisation of gitea.
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This project contains the setup and customization for The setup is password protected via a "vault" directory that is mounted on a "temp" directory with gocryptfs. The vault is used with scripts vault/ and vault/ Vault password is the same as the postgresql database password.

gitea setup

The setup is the single file app.ini which gets installed as /etc/gitea/app.ini. See for details.

gitea customisation

The custom directory tree is installed as /var/lib/gitea/custom, and it contains all WUI customisation. See for details.

gitea installation

These are some specific details about Devuan's gitea installation.

Run user git, group git. The home area is for adminstration purposes only, where in particular:

  • the downloaded binary gitea-1.12-linux-amd64 is kept at $HOME, although also copied and installed as /usr/local/bin/gitea.

  • $HOME/gitea-repositories is a link for the actual repository store, /var/lib/gitea/gitea-repositories.

  • $HOME/postgresql/.s.PGSQL.5432 is a link for the actual postgresql socket in use, since that moves around a bit if there are multiple postgresql version installed (which there are).

  • $HOME/log is a link for the gitea log directory, /var/lib/gitea/log.

  • $HOME/ is a by-minute cron bot to ensure gitea is running, using /var/lib/gitea/log/run.log as "mutex" and for capturing stdout/stderr.

  • $HOME/ is a daily cron bot to trim down log/run.log daily, and keep the cut-out with a date tag.

  • $HOME/ is a helper script for running psql on the gitea database, if ever it needs some hardcore hands-on.

  • $HOME/src/gitea is a clone of used as the basis for the Devuan customisation

  • $HOME/src/setup is a clone of for the Devuan setup and customisation of gitea

  • $HOME/src/trimfile is a clone of for the log file trimming utility.

/var/lib/gitea is a separately mounted file system dedicated for gitea. Everything gitea is there, apart from that in ~git/, and /etc/gitea/app.ini, and the crontab for ~git.