13538 Commits (master)

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  Mark Hindley 8b8745abc9 Remove src/login/.gitignore which was removed upstream in v235. 2 years ago
  Mark Hindley 75c790ef29 Revert in-tree changes to upstream src. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 94b8b3d652 Prep v239: Fix an issue with program_invocation[_short]_name : 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 93998e41af 238/239 : Fix session finalization 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 1f0d51f2fc Prep v239: Mask unneeded test in test-strip-ansi 2 years ago
  Christoph Willing 358e81a42f Support system_bus_socket to be found in /var/run/dbus as well as /run/dbus. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 2e0ffb64e2 Enhance the dealing with glibc-2.28 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 30a67f833e Fix elogind being non-reactive to laptop lid events. 2 years ago
  Christoph Willing f340b006aa Deal with glibc-2.28 2 years ago
  Sven Eden c8a0f0cb9a Prep v239: Fix and add debug messages to method_can_shutdown_or_sleep() 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 1c540d7e5f Prep v239: Only _HANDLE_ACTION_INVALID makes method_can_shutdown_or_sleep() answer 'no' 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 564def2927 Prep v239: Add support for suspend-then-hibernate to loginctl. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 40f140beb3 Prep v239: Utilize new user_runtime_dir() function 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 9d94b159df Prep v239: Add new user-runtime-dir main() function as user_runtime_dir(). 2 years ago
  Sven Eden d6f5c08a26 Prep v239: As we need the rootlibexecdir, 73-seat-late.rules.m4 must be configured first. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 9d814db96b Prep v239: A few cosmetic upgrades 2 years ago
  Sven Eden b5577273e0 Prep v239: Do not test terminal_urlify_path() 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 145f9ff977 Prep v239: Do not test ioprio_class_from_to_string() 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 22c96ab589 Prep v239: Mask unneedd tests test_copy_atomic() and assert_equal_fd() 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 1b284d07f1 Prep v239: Unmask cg_weight_parse() 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 2b7824fa8d Prep v239: Remove udev-util.c, we no longer need that. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden cfec7f4341 Prep v239: Remove os-util.[hc] - We do not need anything in there. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden a116fae17a Prep v239: Unmasked mkdtemp_malloc(), it is needed to test inotify. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden ed634df06b Prep v239: Fix new sd_bus_open_user_with_description() 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 738fe14bff Prep v239: Mask definition of config_parse_mode, we do not need that. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 70140c4f0c Prep v239: Fix ustreams move of the unneeded target_table into its own also unneeded function. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 4c6d5bc38f Prep v239: Unmask inotify_add_watch_fd() 2 years ago
  Sven Eden b25b2a6779 Prep v239: Fix main() to call manager_new() again. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden ae13c1d48a Prep v239: Mask all unneeded functions in the new format-table.[hc] files. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 8e3c2431d2 Prep v239: Unmask delete_chars() 2 years ago
  Sven Eden fe9f813b91 Prep v239: Add support for the new 'suspend-then-hibernate' method. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden cf380e653e Prep v239: Update manager_parse_config_file() that got moved to logind-core.c 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 0b169925aa Prep v239: Unmask inotify event stuff, now ustilized by the sd_event struct. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden fe8f6f69ec Prep v239: Mirror upstream and move pager.[hc] from shared to basic. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 347760af00 Prep v239: Fix sleep-config.[hc] and sleep/sleep.c to utilize upstream updates. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 6655bb15f3 Prep v239: Fix conf-parser.[hc], it got a bit mangled by migration. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 25e8304fd7 Prep v239: Fix logind-session.c, it got screwed by migration. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden db8eb583bb Prep v239: terminal-util.[hc] - Mask new 'urlify' functions, we do not need them. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 92848a096e Prep v239: string-util.[hc] - Unmasked skip_leading_chars() - Newly utilized by strstrip() 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 7d30ad49d8 Prep v239: path-util.[hc] - Masked path_simplify_and_warn() - Nowhere needed. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 4fd2b00e22 Prep v239: fd-util.[hc] - Masked fd_duplicate_data_fd() - Nowhere needed. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden ae891c00cf Prep v239: sync manager_get_user_by_pid() with upstream updates 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 95ddf8036d Prep v239: Uncomment header inclusions that are new or needed now. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden ad31ae9ed4 Prep v239: fs-util: Mask new chase_symlinks_and_*() functions. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 5417e11715 Prep v239: Remove basic/set.c - No longer needed. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden a1988c4a8f Prep v239: manager_get_session_by_pid() : Support Session **ret parameter. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 1a7523a8c7 Prep v239: Add missing updates that evaded migration. 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 5df5d72136 Prep v239: 73-seat-late.rules is now built from 73-seat-late.rules.m4 2 years ago
  Sven Eden 48d6829739 Build system: Fix various issues that came from errornous migration. 2 years ago
  Zbigniew JÄ™drzejewski-Szmek 2b176f76ea test-sizeof: another aproach to _Float128 availability detection 2 years ago