6027 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Franco Lanza c1ff378b55 Fix little bug in import 5 years ago
  Franco Lanza db9413371c Last (hoping) little fix for external overrides 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza 9dea28cb75 Add -N option to avoid override deletion on control-overrides 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza 33e3ea9e44 Make jenkins cron use missing-overrides instead of check-overrides 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza f9af17d88d Add a more decent version of "check-override" command 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza d53b0b270a fix with a ugly and temporary hack the missing overrides issue 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza f0d910764d Make dak override package output more useful 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza 86212c32cc make check-archive missing-overrides output something usable 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza 0e4686173c run override and override extra script if pushing indices 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza b7369c80ba Added extra overrides support in jenkins cron 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza d0a5423d79 Make the jenkins cron manage to setup overrides 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza b27aba0b14 srv, not src. Write it 100 times. 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza bd143d4fbe This way should work 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza 8f704ce1ba Indices with the capital I... 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza 48b722097a Add special case to manage indices 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza 986e6b2b67 Add missing __init__.py file 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza 9610897e47 Fix installer_tgz script 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza 2b5f6f2b18 Added a script to manage installer tarballs 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza 5ae12b01ce Verify file existance 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza 47c70fc14d Separe deb and udeb 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza 7982624580 Better override auto-add on dsc files 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza 3d91fd0c49 Auto add missin overrides when move pkg with add_pkg 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza e9b26b5709 make check-archive missing-overrides work... 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza 52b28965db Setting up a cron job to update release files and clean suites 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza a37299a7c8 Fix dsc parsing 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza 48a46df2ea Ops... typo 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza 79bb7928a9 Manage also dsc files for sources 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza f8dc8b8288 Make use of dak control-suite -a to add packages already managed in dak 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza 4b817d27bd manage duplicated packages import 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza 63d7d297be Make dak catch sys.exit(3) from subcommands and import return 3 on hash mismatch 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza 6eb307a0ed Make import exit with 0 and a warning when there is an hashmismatch in .dsc file 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza 5d88951b43 add a little shell script to connect dak with jenkins 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza df0e8b658f few minor tests 6 years ago
  Franco Lanza 3fa5d9e1be Make deleteAssociation on dominate trying to delete only existant association 6 years ago
  Joerg Jaspert 33233a41d7 Adjust way of syncing the dd-accessible copy 6 years ago
  Joerg Jaspert 19198b82b4 Ups, rename function so its actually what it should be 6 years ago
  Joerg Jaspert d768d3d67c dakweb: Allow to query for all source packages 6 years ago
  Joerg Jaspert adedbaadd3 dakweb: add sources_in_suite query 6 years ago
  Ansgar Burchardt 707f0c5652
rmadison: use yield to return content and set correct content type. 6 years ago
  Ansgar Burchardt 59d33fca22
dakweb: add rmadison query (still incomplete) 6 years ago
  Ansgar Burchardt 6c1639be13 Use new package_list view for "dak ls" command. 6 years ago
  Ansgar Burchardt c345973a17 daklib/utils.py: Use boolean instead of an integer. 6 years ago
  Ansgar Burchardt c3b0c290fd Add custom SQLAlchemy extensions for Postgres' string_agg. 6 years ago
  Ansgar Burchardt c3e9297611 Add new package_list view. 6 years ago
  Don Armstrong 0d08ba79a0
Make queued complain less when removing files 6 years ago
  Mark Hymers c25dc04888 Close our SQLAlchemy sessions 6 years ago
  Mark Hymers 1654167a76 Implement and document the different names 6 years ago
  Mark Hymers d539a8b77c Hack to not end up with None versions 6 years ago
  Mark Hymers b8a54f3492 Find suite by any of the random name types we have 6 years ago
  Mark Hymers 14ca1d5ed8 Add database update to contain release_suite field 6 years ago