32 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Daniel Reurich 84bd2df101 Release 6.0.3-1+devuan1 4 years ago
  Daniel Reurich 9f3cc697ae update to reflect purpy variant 4 years ago
  Daniel Reurich 39d51e00f1 Change deployment Directory 4 years ago
  Daniel Reurich 5e7b5936aa Reflect Purpy in theme name 4 years ago
  Daniel Reurich 0aaac0362f Open new snapshot 4 years ago
  Daniel Reurich 551403926e change to git-src format 4 years ago
  Daniel Reurich 24a912d867 Update Changelog: clearlooks-phenix-purpy-theme 4 years ago
  Daniel Reurich 98616ed4e3 Apply purpy theme - thanks golinux! 4 years ago
  Daniel Reurich 5e735ad302 Set correct urls and maintainer 4 years ago
  Andrew Shadura 73a4e8c549 New upstream release. 6 years ago
  Andrew Shadura be07231691 Import upstream version 6.0.3 6 years ago
  Andrew Shadura c52c9313ea * New upstream release. 6 years ago
  Andrew Shadura 214da7e51f Import upstream version 6.0.1 6 years ago
  Andrew Shadura e5e45f8a0a * Fixes for GTK+ 3.14. 6 years ago
  Andrew Shadura d1bdcb114e Import upstream version 5.0.2 6 years ago
  Andrew Shadura f8d297fa35 * New upstream release. 6 years ago
  Andrew Shadura 1f336ddced * Recommend gtk2-engines (Closes: #743739). 6 years ago
  Andrew Shadura 2ff9b6309b * Fix menus, notebooks, infobars and other widgets. 6 years ago
  Andrew Shadura 13da655a3c Fix buttons and menus in GNOME applications. 6 years ago
  Andrew Shadura b110294ad4 Fix scrollbars in file open dialog. 7 years ago
  Andrew Shadura c496284a5a Fix menubar colors with GTK+ 3.10. 7 years ago
  Andrew Shadura 1ba829f76e Import upstream version 3.0.16 7 years ago
  Andrew Shadura d9ad75a3dd * Update to the latest upstream version (with no actual changes). 7 years ago
  Andrew Shadura 88b8722896 Fix the menu bar background. 7 years ago
  Andrew Shadura 40dfd441ef Apply some fixes for GTK+ 3.8. 7 years ago
  Andrew Shadura 30ec3c2d2c Upload to unstable (Closes: #709548). 7 years ago
  Andrew Shadura 5b96dd98c7 Import upstream version 3.0.15 8 years ago
  Andrew Shadura 8f8a918812 New upstream release. 8 years ago
  Andrew O. Shadura 5d6123a1f7 Import upstream version 3.0.5 8 years ago
  Andrew O. Shadura 08e2537ad0 New upstream release 8 years ago
  Andrew O. Shadura 1003b51dfe Initial packaging (Closes: #666242). 8 years ago
  Andrew O. Shadura 69205d9694 Import upstream version 2.0.5 8 years ago