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  Ralph Rönnquist 3626503140 Corrected which files it should removes for properly checking from start 9 months ago
  Brian 4a5f263cb1 Add in localechoose and dialogs for all.utf 10 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 048a4ede29 Merge branch from 'retry_download' 10 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 5dcab1a211 excluding timidity from desktop pool to stay within size limit 10 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 756cc3c482 added reportbug 10 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 6d4dca2d5e propagate package loading error to be script error 10 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 34b0a27625 expand udeb list towards most installer-menu udebs, plus rfkill 10 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist e452519203 include locales and rfkill in the pool 10 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist e727d8c4c8 expand the netinstall pool with all-required and all-important 10 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist ee42d09c08 unhide the by_vote* files 10 months ago
  hello 2d6fffbb54 Add retry for downloads 10 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 1fc42cd98d Add version check to avoid overwriting newer version. 11 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 65089c7ba7 moved to use gcc-8-base 11 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist ba110924ee Rework to include security by overwriting main 11 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist a891d817b3 ignore content/ and pool/security-*/ 11 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 7dcc080fa4 include jfsutils to properly support jfs on no-network install 11 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 5d10f6c8d4 add -security packages to the pool 11 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 732ec8a9d4 don't include recommends in implied udebs 11 months ago
  hello 9091ee3e6f Fix issue when no network and no root password given 11 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist b9e2e3a2e6 upgrade needed-characters by merging debian-installer 75fee93e1 11 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 22bbd39c5d added grub-efi to installer-undeclared instead 11 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist ee8839a75e expand the pool with minbase packages 11 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist e642adf550 updates 11 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 50b45efcd3 ignore logs n stuff 11 months ago
  golinux cae8ace885 corrected 2 minor typos 11 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 3ae747b2db Include "nomodeset" as default boot option. 11 months ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 4ed3a346c4 Restored installation menu beep, and moved grub theme into the themes subdir. 11 months ago
  golinux f89f8eb3d0 Tweaked upower bug info 1 year ago
  golinux 22342fb4ff Added content to the release notes. They are good to go! 1 year ago
  golinux f2733756cd Minor text change 1 year ago
  golinux 08b1d8196f Corrected misplaced </strong> tag 1 year ago
  golinux 6e857eb6dd Replace 020mirroroption.png 1 year ago
  golinux e5d5202bfe Replace install-devuan.html 1 year ago
  golinux 2ebc803a01 Update full-disk-encryption.html as per chillfan 1 year ago
  Ralph Rönnquist e449a8d032 new docs baseline after confusion 1 year ago
  golinux 1229b3e232 Replace 001firstboot.png 1 year ago
  golinux ec53fbac87 Upload New File 1 year ago
  golinux 7b0e2db803 Upload New File 1 year ago
  golinux 44ddf02b9d Upload New File 1 year ago
  golinux 8c7a655261 Delete 025retrieving.png 1 year ago
  golinux 7ed85feaf1 Delete 024initchoice.png 1 year ago
  golinux 4800b43dd4 Update debinstall.css 1 year ago
  golinux 66a58ad877 Update network-configuration.html 1 year ago
  golinux d98137b598 Update migrate-to-beowulf.html 1 year ago
  golinux bee8a20b73 Update upgrade-to-beowulf.html 1 year ago
  golinux 3a26b136fb Update full-disk-encryption.html 1 year ago
  golinux e96c12dd28 Update install-devuan.html 1 year ago
  golinux 49c44ca5f7 Update README.txt 1 year ago
  golinux dd6bede651 Update README.html 1 year ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 6e2de2caf5 correction 1 year ago