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Python-apt is a wrapper to use features of apt from python.

It contains the following modules:

C++ Wrapper:

  • apt_pkg - access to libapt-pkg (wrapper to the lowlevel c++ code)
  • apt_inst - access to libapt-inst (wrapper to the lowlevel c++ code)

Python module:

  • apt - high level python interface build on top of apt_pkg, apt_inst
  • aptsources - high level manipulation of sources.list



To build python-apt run:

$ python build

You may need to install the build-dependencies via:

$ sudo apt build-dep ./


Running the tests

Run the tests with:

$ python tests/
$ python3 tests/

Running mypy:

To check if the "apt" python module is mypy clean, run:

$ MYPYPATH=./typehinting/ mypy ./apt

To use the annotation with your source code, run:

$ MYPYPATH=/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/apt mypy ./my-program

(adjust from python3 to python2.7 if you run there).