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Daniel Reurich 499baf6925 Update changelog for 3.2.7-2 release 5 years ago
debian Update changelog for 3.2.7-2 release 5 years ago
hwdb hwdb: sync with systemd/hwdb 5 years ago
m4 docs: remove gtk-docs. 8 years ago
man Merge tag 'v3.2.7' 5 years ago
rule_generator man: remove UDEV_LOG environment variable 6 years ago
rules rules/64-btrfs.rules: substitue @bindir@ 5 years ago
src udev: don't label high-button mice as joysticks 5 years ago
test Include <sys/sysmacros.h> to build under glibc-2.25 6 years ago
.gitignore rules/64-btrfs.rules: substitue @bindir@ 5 years ago
.travis.yml travis: Add docbook dep 7 years ago
CONTRIBUTING CONTRIBUTION: give instruction on how to send patches to mailinglist 6 years ago
COPYING Final step of revamping the build system 11 years ago
LEGACY src/udev/udev-builtin-kmod.c: remove the modprobe alt to kmod code 9 years ago add option to disable building programs 7 years ago
NOTES skip: udevd: manager - move a few global variables into the Manager object 8 years ago update for travis-ci 8 years ago use automake 1.11 8 years ago bump to version 3.2.7 5 years ago

This git repo is a fork of git:// with the aim of isolating udev from any particular flavor of system initialization. In this case, the isolation is from systemd.

This is a project started by Gentoo developers and testing is currently being done mostly on OpenRC. We welcome contribution from others using a variety of system initializations to ensure eudev remains system initialization and distribution neutral.


Tarballs of releases:

Contact: You can email us as a group below.

IRC: Freenode/#gentoo-udev

Committers (alphabetical order by last name):

Luca Barbato        (lu_zero)           <>
Anthony G. Basile   (blueness)          <>
Francisco Izquierdo (klondike)          <>
Ian Stakenvicius    (axs)               <>
Matthew Thode       (prometheanfire)    <>
Tony Vroon          (chainsaw)          <>
Richard Yao         (ryao)              <>

Build status

Build Status