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Mark Hindley c273c7c3da Version 2023.07.01. 5 months ago
source Fix build for udeb 9 years ago
changelog Version 2023.07.01. 5 months ago
control Update, wrap-and-sort 5 months ago
copyright Update and convert to DEP-5 5 months ago
devuan-keyring-udeb.install Don't include keys for apt in udeb. 1 year ago
devuan-keyring-udeb.postinst clean whitespace 6 years ago
devuan-keyring.lintian-overrides Add lintian override for package-installs-apt-keyring. 1 year ago
gbp.conf Version 2022.10.03 for unstable. 1 year ago
install wrap-and-sort 5 months ago
rules Simplify d/rules and use debhelper. 1 year ago