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Aitor df8f730173 Free buf before exiting in case of unknown option while parsing the args in the command line 10 months ago
Aitor 0cac147985 Syntax minor changes 10 months ago
Aitor 75982ed674 Use Getopt in place of Glib::OptionContext to parse the args in the command line 10 months ago
Aitor 8bb32b4f6f Do not detach asynchronous child process from parent 10 months ago
Aitor d4894837cf Handle signals like SIGTERM, SIGINT and SIGQUIT 10 months ago
Aitor 6c5daf89ce Fix overflow in the absolute path to executable due to an uninitialized string 10 months ago
Aitor e3dc223092 Fix segmentation fault when there is no systray icon 10 months ago
Aitor 7728a566c8 Fixed the values of selem_name and sdnCard given in the command line 10 months ago
Aitor 6241ba402c Update README.md 10 months ago
Aitor d63ce1c407 Remove dependency on libprocps-dev 10 months ago
Aitor c31cc4facd Close PROCTAB *proc after openproc() 10 months ago
Aitor 13e904bad8 Convert both arg0 and progname to const char* in execl 11 months ago
Aitor 343fa9585b Use weak pointer to access shared data when changing the status icon 11 months ago
Aitor 76d10d220b Changed link to the screenshot 11 months ago
Aitor 838132f180 Use arg0 and progname in execl 11 months ago
Aitor 297b76dce7 Remove superfluous attribute 11 months ago
Aitor 20589efc83 Add a .desktop file, as well as a pixmap for the launcher 11 months ago
Aitor 0abc51d354 Access shared data through weak pointers in order to prevent possible segfaults 11 months ago
Aitor cde17053ee Destroy clist before usage 12 months ago
Aitor de2a9667f1 Fix some warnings thrown by the compiler 12 months ago
Aitor e9d3028f37 Add sndCard to the attributes of Amixer_ui 1 year ago
Aitor ce2c9e7816 Autodetect the hw map when the card number is not passed in the command line 1 year ago
Aitor c97eb8ddc9 Parse arguments in the command line making --systray optional, also for Gtk3 1 year ago
Aitor aa4eaa9e29 Change const char** to char** in amixer() 1 year ago
Aitor 3d67f0a209 Fix mistake in getopt_long: -D requires argument 1 year ago
Aitor 6c29cbc676 Improve Gtk3 appearance 1 year ago
Aitor 26710ac2e3 Rectify both build and runtime dependencies 1 year ago
Aitor 92aa0e3c68 Syntax changes 1 year ago
Aitor 1e3b774dbf Minor change in the quit callback 1 year ago
Aitor 3035143a67 Adding Gtk3 compatibility 1 year ago
Aitor 3e14f559a7 Fix double free or corruption 1 year ago
Aitor 820ec2b0fa Temporize a few microseconds instead of blocking the dispatcher_connector 1 year ago
Aitor eff6b4476d Update README.md 1 year ago
Aitor 372f739abd Initial release 1 year ago
Aitor 6637f76958 Initial commit 1 year ago