1429 Commits (41a2e3e6e6988e156b73649c2dff723029c5df6a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Adam Burns 41a2e3e6e6
adds native java jni bindings (#101) 2 years ago
Jaromil 96993e3ab2
zencode given test 2 years ago
Puria Nafisi Azizi 9e3c5521ec
🏷[js] Release 1.1.0 with dp3t 2 years ago
Jaromil ec186e8139 zencode fixes to given and scenario, removed ZEN:import 2 years ago
Jaromil 288df45a55 fix and speedup export of binary to hex 2 years ago
Andrea D'Intino 40e095a0a4
Logo now points to the dev website 2 years ago
Jaromil 60ac2e4109 fix to given data conversion deepmap 2 years ago
Jaromil 33e6709f67 fix to coconut petition duplicate signature check 2 years ago
Puria Nafisi Azizi 4579bd4bf9
πŸ’„ Pretty print JSON in docs 2 years ago
Jaromil 4516a1e7ab zencode documentation on proximity tracing 2 years ago
Jaromil b1b37c8a5b zencode given fixes (lts alignment) 2 years ago
Jaromil c4e9bd8e01 alignment of tests and new zencode 2 years ago
Jaromil 4dbfe3f892 zencode debug improvements 2 years ago
Jaromil ff9d0a0020 new test reorganisation for zencode simple 2 years ago
Jaromil 842ccb5ab6 zencode_data improvements and new ZEN.decode function for encoding 2 years ago
Jaromil 8db9001e7f traceback and debug enhancements, schema output 2 years ago
Jaromil 7502bca811 garbage collection after each zencode line execution 2 years ago
Jaromil 944da69be0 fix detection of external random seed and adopt it in dp3t zencode 2 years ago
Puria Nafisi Azizi 212d113422
πŸ› Fix web encrypt demo within docs 2 years ago
Puria Nafisi Azizi fdfb801ece
πŸ—” fix paths, update libs and zenroom on playground 2 years ago
Andrea D'Intino 436c2b9e4f
Added "$PWD/../.." among the paths 2 years ago
Jaromil 2eef5b262b fix online demo completions 2 years ago
Jaromil 89fad9a457 zencode simple scenario update and docs generation 2 years ago
Jaromil 97419cc5e3 zencode fix simple crypto example 2 years ago
Jaromil d380dee4bb common zencode test examples shell utils 2 years ago
Jaromil e6339c45ae zencode improve test and documentation for simple and dp3t scenarios 2 years ago
Jaromil f9bfb20ccf align dp3t implementation and test script to vectors 2 years ago
fdeantoni e695abcc6e
Added build target osx-lib to build a Zenroom static library. (#94) 2 years ago
Puria Nafisi Azizi d3123c3032
πŸ“ Update docs for static target (#100) fixes #99 3 years ago
Andrea D'Intino 91d6c20aa9
Zencode Cookbook (#98) 3 years ago
Andrea D'Intino c77e6d6cf5
πŸ“ Improved and organize docs (#97) 3 years ago
Jaromil fc72b32253 zencode update of DP-3T scenario 3 years ago
Jaromil c6c397d842 script used to generate the DP-3T vectors in https://github.com/DP-3T/documents/issues/62 3 years ago
Adam Burns 87dc9d1848
Update Android building (#92) 3 years ago
Jaromil f6c9208d85 zencode internals cleanup of ZEN.get and schema validation 3 years ago
Jaromil 2e284e67a0 small fixes to the README 3 years ago
Jaromil 69a07e8873 zencode given statements garbage collection of TMP 3 years ago
Jaromil c40e8a2e65 cleanup the debug message pipeline in C and Lua 3 years ago
Jaromil e4f983939a zencode export conversion on array objects 3 years ago
Jaromil b1ad9b99e2 zencode eval use OCTET class 3 years ago
Jaromil e77109ea62 zencode given add array type for strings 3 years ago
Jaromil de51734159 change default memory manager to SYS 3 years ago
Jaromil b8e5109370 new zencode split of octets and OCTET.chop lua function 3 years ago
Jaromil 3c1e8841c2 dp-3t scenario correct counter for ephid loop generation 3 years ago
Puria Nafisi Azizi 2b0ccb6e20
Organize the build page better thanks to #93 3 years ago
Puria Nafisi Azizi be60121535
πŸ› Fix #93 updating documentation targets 3 years ago
Jaromil bfedba5705 simplified zencode data import code 3 years ago
Jaromil 21adf6091f updated zencode DP-3T scenario implementation to use AES-CTR 3 years ago
Jaromil 40019df7d1 new AES-CTR vector test from NIST 3 years ago
Jaromil 79cbd8a0bb update lua documentation and tests to use new AES class 3 years ago